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Our initial goal is to focus on video and written educational content and we are aiming to do that by:

  • Providing accessible information and resources 

  • Providing quality educational content for our YouTube channel

  • Continuing to champion people who are offering free information and knowledge 

  • To use this as a template so we can offer content in a different format such as podcasts or articles

Our goal is to expand this so that we can support different genres of content in the future

Why does Polygon Alliance want to deliver content this way?

We want to help people learn and grow. We want to do this by supporting like-minded people in our industry; the people that align with our core values. One of our core values is to keep resources and tools accessible


We view education, information and knowledge that is given for free as a resource or tool


What kind of material can be added to our YouTube channel?

Some examples of educational content that can be added to our educational resource online include videos which provide information pertaining to Blockchain, web3, DeFi, NFTs, crypto, metaverse spaces, creating digital art, coding, marketing etc


This content should be educational or tutorial in nature and provide information to help guide people in web3


Financial advice should not be included


Why include my content on the Polygon Alliance YouTube channel?

We aim to support you and part of that involves helping you grow


Having your content listed on our YouTube channel provides a backlink to your YouTube channel & website, which can increase traffic to your website and will increase views for your content


If you would like more info on back-linking, please read this article on marketing & back-linking by Digital Shift Media -


How do I submit my content for Polygon Alliance approval?

Please submit your video/image/file content using a file transfer service such as WeTransfer, TransferNow or online storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox


Please include a brief description of what the content is along with your twitter handle, Youtube channel or any other pertinent information and links by completing the submission form below


The approval process may take up to 7 days


You will be notified by Polygon Alliance once your content has been approved or declined 


What does my content need to include to be added to Polygon Alliance’s YouTube Channel? 

  • The video should have our logo and name at the beginning of the video. This logo will be e-mailed to you once the content is approved by Killer Cat Bengal Club (Fabriannie)

  • You will then add the logo to the beginning of the video and resubmit the final video by sending it via a file transfer service such as WeTransfer, TransferNow or online storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox

  • You will need to add our Discord, Twitter and Website links in your description

  • The video should explicitly advise “not financial advice” if talking about buying, investing or tokens


Are there any specific rules that will mean my content is declined? 

  • Any explicit language 

  • Any form of nudity

  • Any opinions presented as information

  • Any adverts for third parties

  • Any affiliate referral links that provide you income without you explicitly advising in your video and in your description 


What if I want to create content specifically for Polygon Alliance?

  • If you would like to create specific content for Polygon Alliance then please email who will liaise with you to ensure the content is appropriate and hits key points we want talked about

  • We want creators to retain their brand identity. If you are creating on behalf of us, it should still be your content Created by  [your name] for Polygon Alliance


What happens if my content is declined?

  • We will write back to you explaining our decision

  • Our aim will be to keep communication channels open and help you redefine your content to meet our values

Educational Content Resource Material - Submission Form

Thank you We’ll be in touch

Let's Work Together

Thank you for being a part of Polygon Alliance

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