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Polygon Alliance and Fuck Cancer are teaming up to host an NFT charity auction for cancer research. 

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Any artist who would like to join should submit their artwork via the uploader below or by email no later than the 1st June 2022. This is to ensure we have everything in order with plenty of time to curate the gallery.

The NFT Artwork will be revealed in a live Metaverse in early June 2022. The auction will open for bidding on Opensea at the same time.

The Gallery will remain open for 1 week during the auction period. 100% of the funds raised from NFT sales and royalties will be donated to the Lets F Cancer charity.

Artwork should be your own creation. 

Artwork submitted should be original and specifically made for the Lets F Cancer charity auction. 


When submitting your artwork, please submit in the final quality you wish to be used for the NFT.  

Please do not create the actual NFT yourself,

Polygon Alliance will handle that part as we want to mint all of the NFT pieces as part of the Polygon Alliance | Lets F Cancer collection.


We will have a space for artist information next to your art in the gallery.

Please email us:

  • Name of artwork

  • Your name

  • Link to your website or socials

  • A description or story about your artwork


We ask that you take your time with your creations, we want your best work on display!

Use the uploader below or email your artwork to us by the 1st June please.

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Alternatively, email a download link to: