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Verified Projects

PA Verified is our badge that projects and individuals can display once they qualify for a set of requirements


PA Verified is our badge that projects and individuals can display once they qualify for a set of requirements.


This badge is an indicator of trust as it means the project or individual has completed our verification process


The verification process includes a private KYC where we keep your identity held in confidence

In the case of a rug or indecent acts, this information will then be made publicly available

The PA Verified badge can be displayed via a Discord Bot or the above graphic.

Applicants must apply via our form


PA Verified is only an indicator of a project's trustworthiness

As always, do your own research and practice safe investment procedure


The project was born in November of 2021.

I thought I was going to make a huge PFP project but I ended up loving the process of creating and trying new things far too much.


Funky Hearts is a 1/1 collection without a set limit right now. Art for the sake of art. I originally minted on Openseas contract so I do technically have 2 collections but I am shifting my focus to the newer one which is on its own ERC-721 contract via thirdweb. This has been my main focus in the NFT space.


I do have three additional art collections which are across polygon and Tezos.

Funky Heart Logo.jpg
High Seas Pirates.jpeg


May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your rum be spiced and your compass be true.


High Seas Pirates is the first community-driven GameFi platform that utilizes a Forever Appreciating Stable Token(F.A.S.T) to reward players for their engagement and enjoyment. We use unique tokenomics and NFTs to blend finance and games. We combine the best of DeFi and NFTs to create an immersive experience.

High Seas Pirates is committed to uniting DeFi through decentralized / community-driven GameFi platform. Gamification as a Service (GaaS) is the core of our product offerings.


NFT project that creates story's and NFT's with Mumzels.

So that the Mumzels get more fame and more people get to know the Mumzels so that no-one has to be afraid of strange noises on the roof at night anymore, and hopefully the Mumzels' dream will come true to one day have their own program on TV


Crypto Goonz are a collection of 6,000 uniquely generated Goonz NFT's

No two Goonz are the same. On a mission to discover who they are, they exist to serve one purpose; take over the Gooniverse

All traits are hand drawn and made to represent the perfection in imperfection.


8883 customizable NFTs on the Polygon network with GameFi staking


The Polygon Ape Community is a 1/1 collection of 5000 items Polygon


The collection symbolizes the hope of the polygon community's growth

Each layer was hand-drawn with a coloring pencil and then ran through editing & generative art program to create a unique, presentable & special collection

1500x500 (1).jpg

PlayPlay games to earn NFT marbles you can sell or trade with other players! 

Our marbles are ERC-721 tokens available on the Ethereum and Polygon networks


B4Real makes buying and selling real-world property using crypto easy


We achieve this with an integrated systems approach; combining an easy-to-use marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers, escrow wallets for confidence and security, our AUSTRAC registered digital currency exchange for fluidity of transactions and our blue-chip partnerships for accelerating adoption and ease of funding for buyers. Plus, our tokenised access to property portfolios allowing fractional ownership lower the barrier to entry to investing in the property market for everyone


Find out more at - a Black Tie Digital platform

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