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Verified Application


Please note, application for listing is not a guarantee of approval


Approval may be revoked at any time due to any changed circumstances or misleading information


It is your responsibility to update your information, if circumstances change

Polygon Alliance welcomes any artist, creator or project to apply to be listed


We have implemented conditions for artists or projects wanting to be listed on the Polygon Alliance website


Please see our updated  requirements: 


- Currently, the artwork must be based on the Polygon chain

We are looking to expand to other chains during 2023


- Artists or projects must have been active on social media channels in the last 21 days


- The artist or project is responsible for providing updated descriptions or links to Polygon Alliance


Please note that if there is no activity on social media for the last 21 days or if the link provided is no longer working, we will remove the listing without prior notice


We will send an email to advise that the listing has been removed - You are welcome to reapply at any time

Your application is kept private and all details are held securely

Apply to be PA Verified
Are you publicly doxed?
Upload File


KYC (Know Your Customer) is the ultimate protection for our investors. If you are NOT publicly doxed, 

please email a photo of yourself holding a photo ID to:

This email account is only accessible by Polygon Alliance founder


Your identity will never be made public unless your project is the subject of theft or malpractice

Thank you for applying

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