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6 Signs you are a Polygon DEGEN

Hello loves! First things first, there is absolutely no shame in being a Polygon DEGEN.

I would argue that It's a good symptom to exhibit. It means you've discovered the following about our Polygon community:

  • It's a good space with genuinely good humans trying to make the DeFi space better for everyone

  • It has community leaders who share knowledge and encourage collaboration

  • It solves a lot of problems for users and developers via its unique technology

  • The dev teams behind Polygon projects are fantastic people who aren't planning to sell their soul or the project's soul any time soon

  • Other blockchains want what the Polygon Community already has

Here are six tell-tale signs you may be a Polygon DEGEN. Don't fear; you are among friends, and we will get through this together.

You have more than one Crypto wallet

If your answer is yes, you may be a Polygon DEGEN.

One of the biggest red flags that you're a DEGEN is if you have more than one crypto wallet.

Those with multiple wallets usually have one or two wallets for giveaways, another burner wallet for sketchy NFTs, a wallet just in case you need to buy coffee at a cafe and they accept crypto, etc. While it's not necessarily wrong to have multiple wallets (and having backups is super important), some DEGENS take this to the extreme by having wallets for each platform they interact with. Personally, I would lose my mind trying to remember the password for my Opensea, Rarible, Coinbase wallets, etc. God bless you, super DEGENs, and godspeed.

Some more extreme DEGENS will even keep a secret wallet that no one knows about just in case their main account gets blasted into oblivion. If you're wondering if you're this type of DEGEN, the answer is probably yes. LOL.

You tend to be in multiple Twitter Spaces at the same time

I am guilty of this, and I have been called out! You might be a Polygon DEGEN if you tend to be in more than one Space at a time. You may find yourself tuning in and out of conversations happening in more than one Space and platform. Staying connected to the community conversation is the lifeblood of any good DEGEN. It's okay that sometimes you fall asleep and get called up to speak; we've all done it.

If you are in a Space with someone talking about contracts, why not listen to some other conversations too? As a DEGEN, it's your new norm. You could be listening to the Megacreative Show on developing your marketing skills while co-hosting a Space about mental health and burnout prevention. Multitasking is the key!

You regularly check your Discord channels before your emails

Checking your socials before your first sip of coffee may signify that you are not just an ordinary user but a Polygon DEGEN. You know the value of community and keeping in touch with friends on other platforms, and since Discord is the go-to app for projects of all stripes, what better way to keep those relationships going? That's why you're willing to sacrifice precious sleep time to ensure your morning routine goes: wake, check Discord channels, bathroom, coffee. And it's why you aren't surprised that this isn't just your routine but the norm for everyone in your web3 contacts list.

Because we DEGENs understand that being part of a community means giving back and receiving support. Some put their love into stickers and emojis; others are happy to boost their favorite server with extra features like GIF emotes. But some among us have the knowledge and the drive to contribute even more by becoming Mods. For these individuals who have ascended to those heights: congratulations! You are practically DeFi royalty.

Your internet browser has 60 tabs open at all times

If you are a true Polygon DEGEN, there's a good chance that you live comfortably with multiple tabs all the time. Whether it's for your real-world work or your brand new project, open tabs are just one of those things a DEGEN learns to accept and adjust to.

Polygon DEGENs have so many windows and tabs open on their browsers at any given time that the number must be two digits long. I am here to attest that we need every single one of them!

You are capable of pronouncing things like "DEGEN" or "gwei."

Let me just say, pronouncing these words are not for everyone. It requires years of intense training and a deep understanding of crypto and DeFi. You can't just walk up to someone on the street (or even in crypto), tell them that you're DEGENing, and then tell them things like, "Oh yeah, I think we should hop into the Meta and snipe some Cyborg Goon Mints before we get FOMO on their P2E game Mooning without us. HODL yo!" That would be weird and confusing. It would help if you built some trust first. Do some small talk about politics, religion, or something (but probably not crypto.) Then when you are asked how to pronounce gwei or DEGEN, you can drop the knowledge like the experienced web3 DEGEN you are.

You have your noti's on for community leaders like @davc_s, @creativeowls, and @polygonalliance

If you follow these community leaders, you are definitely a Polygon DEGEN.

The community has grown by leaps and bounds and one of the most exciting things to see is how engaged people are in discussing various topics related to Polygon. You may have noticed, interacted with, or participated in one of @davc_s' giveaways or listened to his Twitter spaces where he talks about significant developments across the spectrum of DeFi & NFTs. You can also find @creativeowls on Twitter and enjoy his unique insights into many aspects of marketing in web3 that captivate many users. @polygonalliance makes it easy for beginners to get started with learning more about Polygon, especially when it comes to the latest developments within the ecosystems of those communities, and has helped shape the vision for what could be possible within a Layer-2 ecosystems like Polygon.

If you're not already a DEGEN, would you like to be?

There are a lot of people on Twitter that are involved with the Polygon community. And if you're not already involved, you might be wondering how to get started. Fortunately for you, there is a growing community of members in the Polygon Alliance Discord server looking to spread the love, share resources, and help make things as easy as possible for new members. Just jump in and say, "Hi!"

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