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An Interview with Drippy BullZ NFT


Twitter: @drippybullz

Where are you from?

We are both from the United Kingdom

How did you first get into crypto/NFTs?

We are a co-owned project, and Daryl (aka Drips) got into NFTs over a year ago, and I entered the NFT market in January this year (2022)

What platform did you choose and why?

We had lengthy discussions over which platform to use that took several weeks to decide on; we explored Solana and Tezos as well as Ethereum and Polygon. We eventually decided on Polygon for this project because of the benefits to us as project owners and collectors of NFTs. We felt that collectors deserved to be able to purchase an NFT without the inflated cost of gas fees, thereby making the project more affordable for collectors to keep adding to their wallets. Additionally, the ability to reward our holders and potential holders with NFT airdrops/specials is also a big attraction; it enables us to give more back to the community as there are no associated gas fee costs either.

What are the most important things in your life?

It probably sounds like a cliche standard answer, but ….. for both Daryl and I, it would have to be family and friends and an excellent work-life balance with a smattering of NFTs!

What do you enjoy when not creating art?

Creativity is a big part of my life and always has been, but for me, I enjoy spending time taking my three dogs for walks, and to coastal areas around the UK; I have two labradors, Stan and Olly, and an English Bulldog, Bentley.

Daryl has twin boys and spends time with them and his lovely wife doing what all families should do - have fun. He especially enjoys taking them for haircuts - haha, Not.

What makes it unique?

Drippy Bullz is an NFT Project with #1234 BullZ roaming around the blockchain.

We have put together a roadmap that focuses on giving art back to the community. We have included physical canvasses as giveaways throughout the project, as well as physical merchandise.

Probably the unique parts of the project are going to be the Live Drawing sessions with Drips - we have plenty of them planned, and custom BullZ is also going to feature in the project, as well as some surprising ways for the community to get involved with making customs! I am not going to say too much as I don't want to spoil the surprises we have coming up as the project gets underway.

Where do you get your inspiration?

The artist, Drips, has always said that the inspiration for all his art comes from his twin boys and daily objects you see around the house, and his boys will bring him random items that he then creates into a cartoon; you can see these in his CardTOONs collection.

Twins, that's his inspiration, and they don't even know it.

What motivates you/your work?

For me, it is the pure pleasure I get from producing something art related, whether that is physical or digital and whether it is in a visual piece or something more technical or backend related. I like a challenge - and there have been a few, and a few learning curves in this project, all of which I am happy to say have been overcome.

Drips enjoys producing visually colorful pieces that also have an element of craziness and fun to them. As we've said earlier, his family is his biggest motivator for all his work, and seeing the smiles on his boys' faces when he makes them a cartoon from a random object they have brought him, for instance, they brought him. Empty orange juice (obviously wanting it refilled), and so OJ was created for the CardTOONs collection.

How has your style evolved over the years?

Like many aspiring artists, Drips went to digital art a few years back and fell in love with the different processes. Still, graffiti has been a passion for him since his early school days, and he loves using vibrant colours to produce his unique style of cartoon and lettering.

So whilst the BullZ collection is still cartoon-style based, it has evolved more and pushed Drips to try out different techniques for the artwork, and more recently, he has started working on a completely different style of art - similar to a portrait style. Watch the NFT space for these appearing!

BUT he still loves to hit a canvas and wall!

What's next for you/your project?

We do have some next steps planned; let's just say ……… Mooooo!

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Now that is a difficult one for us both to answer because there are so many fabulous artists and creators in this space, and there are so many that we would both like to work with, as individual artists and as a project collaboration. I don't think we can do this question justice by trying to answer it by putting names to specific collaborations.

Let's just say we would love to chat ……….

Finally, we would like to mention the other two team members on the Drippy BullZ project; without them, it would not have been possible for us to pull all this together, and they have both been so supportive and helpful with the different skills they have brought to the project.

@YamsDev for his super coding skills and for working so hard on the contract for us

@davc_S for his support and guidance with his strategic consultancy! And being a sounding board for me when needed.

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