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An Interview with Lunians


Where are you from?

My Cute Pixel NFT (the team behind the Lunians collection) is by Luis and Nanae, a married couple in Madrid, Spain.

How did you first get into crypto/NFTs?

There is a boring story about Luis' work as a university teacher in computer science, wanting to apply blockchain technologies in some research projects and ideas he had. But I'll spare you that part! The funny part came when Luis told Nanae about these things, and she, being the artist she is, immediately got caught by the whole idea of NFTs. Since then, she started minting some of her pixel art drawings in OpenSea, made a couple of small collections that sold out, and then decided to work together on a bigger and much more ambitious collection: Lunians!

What platform did you choose and why?

Nanae was minting directly in OpenSea and Polygon for the first two collections, mainly for ease and free cost.

For the Lunians, we stayed with Polygon because we believe in the high potential of this blockchain and the importance of L2 solutions for scalability and the environment. However, Lunians has its own super awesome smart contract developed by Luis. And we mean it when we say it's awesome. You can even find an ASCII chibi version of a Lunian in the smart contract code!

What are the most important things in your life?

Luis: Nanae and being happy

Nanae: Luis, food, and videogames

What do you enjoy when not creating art?

Nanae: Food and video games!

Luis: Stop it, Nanae. There are other things in life too!

Nane: Sure, like what?

Luis: Uhhhh… well…

Nanae: Oh, I know! We also love reading (mostly fantasy and science-fiction books) and watching movies, especially while eating delicious food.

Luis: See? I told you!

Tell us about your project.

The first thing to say about this collection is that it is quite small (909 NFTs) and features pixel-based art of cute, adorable, and kawaii creatures that live on a distant planet we call Lunia.

These creatures, known as Lunians, are very enigmatic and mysterious. They escaped from a primordial black hole just before it collapsed in on itself. They did this in some space capsules named seedpods.

There are two different types of seedpods, as far as we know. The first ones (the Lunian seedpods) are a harmonious blend between nature and technology and grow from a singular and ancient tree in Lunia known as the Great Seed. The second ones (the nebula seedpods) are an even rarer mix of technology and the dark energy and matter from the black hole. There are 859 lunian seedpods, while there are only 50 nebula seedpods.

Pre-sale is now live in several marketplaces that support Polygon. For example, you can find the seedpods (and soon the Lunians that will get out of them) at:

Pre-sale prices are 0.03 ETH for lunian seedpods and 0.06 ETH for nebula seedpods.

Starting date for hatching the seedpods at our website ( will be announced at any moment, and the pre-sale will immediately end, and prices will rise.

What makes it unique?

These are the key features and important advantages of the Lunians NFT collection and project:

  • Awesome pixel art. One single person draws everything.

  • Advanced smart contracts. Programmed by a university teacher in computer science.

  • Doxxed team. A lovely married couple consisting of an adorable wife and a boring husband.

  • Innovative use of oracles to 100% guarantee randomness. Don't trust us; trust the contract!

  • Web3 website where you can connect your wallet and hatch your seedpods.

  • NFT random rarities.

  • Great roadmap.

  • Interesting lore.

  • Hatched in Polygon - Barely any gas fees.

  • Holders own the image rights of their NFTs.

  • Decentralized hosting of metadata through IPFS.

  • Utility - Advantages, rewards, and perks while holding an NFT, like access to a private land in Fluxtopia Metaverse.

  • Frozen metadata - Your NFTs' linked metadata will NEVER change.

  • Dynamic NFTs!

  • The code of the web3 webpage and the smart contract is shared with the community.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Oh boy… Old & retro pixel art videogames, pokemon, science-fiction books, anime/manga… There are lots of inspirations and influences!

What motivates you/your work?

Nanae: I'd love to become a great pixel artist and feel that people love my art and recognize me for my style.

Luis: I dunno… I just do what she says. I'm kidding; I'm kidding. I love supporting Nanae in the NFT projects and building all the code and webpage for her. It is also extremely satisfying for me to see our community grow and excited for the things we are preparing for them!

How has your style evolved over the years?

Nanae started drawing manga-style stuff, but she moved to pixel art last year.

What's next for you/your project?

First, we will announce the date when the hatching of the seedpods will start. This announcement will mark the end of the pre-sale. After that, the first things in our roadmap are opening a Discord and doing some very cool giveaways among holders. But then, very cool stuff like some breeding and dynamic NFTs will also come!

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Nanae: Ryota Murayama (Ovopack) & Keiichi Arawi (Nichijou).

Luis: Carl Sagan & Andrzej Sapkowski

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