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An interview with Safrootics P2E

• Where are you from?

Safrootics is a new game developed by Alab Studio which is based in Qatar. The team however is from all over the world.

• How did you first get into crypto/NFTs?

CryptoFolk: Got into Crypto through mining, it was a havoc waiting for earnings till I came across Polygon which does so with ease, and that is how I found Polygon.

• What blockchain did you choose and why?

Picking Polygon is a no brainer, On top of the incredible supportive and kind community, having transaction fees being almost inexistent and fast processing speeds is ideal for any gaming project. Safrootics is a free to play to earn game, and we won’t want our community to experience any extra costs as a barrier to having fun playing the game or ruining magical moments.

• What are the cornerstone values of Safrootics?

Web3, that being an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology, incorporates concepts such as decentralisation and token-based economics. This is what cause use to explore the space for it ties with what we are about to talk about.

On board Web 2.0 users to Web three and we are implementing this by focusing on the fun, quality and gameplay, and by making the game as accessible as it can be running most of game transactions off-chain for a seamless fun user experience, players do not even need a Wallet to play and enjoy the game, once they know they collected valuable NFTs and in game currency, then they can connect a wallet to withdraw.

Creating Fun A world like Safrootics requires an art style that match, and pixel art instantly was the decision for its expressive power and ambiguity, pixel art leaves room for You to complete the details and harness your imagination, and maintaining this delicious nostalgic aesthetic.

We've assembled a team of highly talented artists who are extremely passionate about Safrootics; mystical atmosphere, day and night cycle, different biomes and characters to take you on this journey through epic, mysterious, and sometimes a little scary moments.

Combine all that with a world class original music and sound effects and you got a world

that you'll love to explore and enjoy your time playing it.

• What do you enjoy when not gaming?

Team building and developing Safrootics.

• Tell us about your project.

Safrootics is a catch-em all RPG that combines world exploration, little collectible NFT creatures that are called Safrootics - or Tics for short - and competitive PVP arena where players can battle their Tics against others for Glory and rewards!

The game will take you into the mystical land of Safrootica to uncover the mysteries of The Calamity and the origins of the Safrootics and how they ended up being so tiny yet still very powerful!

• What makes it unique?

Plenty of factors will differentiate us from other games positively.

1. No Safrootic has the same Characteristic.

This means that what will be discovered and collected will not at all resemble another Tic, yes they will be same creatures though all with their unique traits.

2. Game runs mostly offchain.

To help onboard web2 players and to ensure hassle free gaming experience, the team has made it possible for accessibility by hosting some parts off the chain.

3. Safrootics Leveling.

In the same light that no safrootic will resemble another nor too will their leveling stats, offering different capabilities for battles.

• Where do you get your inspiration?

Can’t really think back to my early childhood without included gaming. These were the exciting activities that would engage me, my brothers and many of my friends, constructively and competitively. Gaming is such a huge part of me, I attribute my understanding of the English language and personality as a whole as a bi product of the games I played.

• What motivates you/your work?

The games that made my childhood enticing and fill with joy are the driving factor for myself the project leader and the gaming team I lead to ensure, other children all across the globe can grow to saw the same about their gaming experience playing Safrootics.

• How has your gaming experience evolved over the years?

I believe video game is the ultimate work of Art, that combines all other forms of art like painting and music, and adds on top of all that the element of interactivity, Gaming has always been part of who i am and been with me till today through all of it's progressions and evolutions I try to keep up.

• What’s next for you/your project?

Project is under development and will be available for Alpha test launch soon for Founder's badges holder, the design team is also working on our second project, can’t say much about it at this stage.

• If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

The community we believe the community is what derives success and we understand that without the community no project can be successful, so thank you for being part of Safrootics and taking the time to read this.

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