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An NFT community that cares about it's holders?

Have you heard of SMTG yet?

A collection of 10,000 unique SMTG NFTs - unique digital collectibles hand drawn by the artist CON and randomly generated, living on the Polygon blockchain. Your NFT makes you a part of the story of Ski Mask the wandering friendly Ghost. More importantly, SMTG asks us to be caring, friendly, curious, and to not judge a book by its cover, we make up the story and we are not just part of the audience. We are all unique like our SMTG, we all play a part.

So what we are is a community built around an NFT collection. And you can find out about our goals as a project on our website

But we are building a strong community in the NFT space that helps people in understanding and entering into the NFT space.

You are welcome to join our discord and ask anything you would want to know relating to NFTs and we will always be ready to answer and help out.

We are very supportive of artists as well in the NFT and digital art space

Owning an NFT then gives you exclusive perks in the community Which can be seen on the website. These perks will continue to expand and it will give you access to connect with influential people also in the community.

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