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Enter the Web3 World of Dope Stilo

Web3 is the wild west. It is the bold, the creative, the out-of-the-box thinkers who are making the most significant impacts right now. The collective mantra is "we're still early," but are we really?

This is not the time to sit back and wait. No one knows this more than our very own Dope Stilo. I have been following this artist since the early days, and I am here to say we are watching him on his journey to the Moon. He is working hard and has earned his place among the greats. Being a part of the Dope Stilo world of art and entertainment is an honor. Stilo constantly pushes boundaries and brings more talented individuals into our close-knit community and does it with love and kindness.

"We're all artists getting together doing something with love and making connections in ways never before through art." ~ Stilo

Where does all of this take place? In the Metaverse, of course! In partnership with, Stilo has crafted a hub for creatives to explore their art in the digital world. Read on for a glimpse into the talents that the Dope Stilo Music Club by Stilo Music Group has to offer. We are not a label, just a movement.

Doggy Superstar with Pups on the Pier

The brainchild behind this engaging and adorable brand is Angela. Her drive, passion, and commitment to web3 and what it has to offer are second to none; she is a true woman of tech. Angela's love stems from being affected by mental illness as a child herself. The goal is to bring mental health education and acceptance to today's youth through a super cool adorable pup point of view. She wants you to know that your dog doesn't need you to be perfect; they will love you no matter what!

You can find out more at or follow Angela on Twitter @DoggySuperstar.

Pixelgirl 3D designer

@pixelgirl is an incredible and celebrated 3D designer within the Dope Stilo Music Group Crew. She takes what is readily available and creates custom immersive and engaging environments for her community. This is only one of the many talents she shares with us. Pixelgirls' dedication and enthusiasm have made her a fan favorite in the Stilo Crew and indispensable for the future of the Dope Stilo Music Group.

Her work is as diverse as it is impressive, ranging from skate parks to under-the-bridge rave environments. Pixelgirl's ability to create dynamic environments that blend seamlessly with Stilos musical stylings leaves you feeling like you're walking into a new world!

Want to keep tabs on what Pixelgirl is up to? Follow her on Twitter.

Choen Lee Digital Artist

@ahchoen is truly a leader in the digital Renaissance. Their exploration of the digital world through their art and the exploration of the Metaverse make them an incredible addition to the Stilo Music Group. SHE by Choen Lee is an astonishing art installation in Spatial that should not be missed. Available as exclusive 1 of1 NFTs. The world, according to Choen, is beautifully intense. Becoming a collector will open your mind to new experiences. Their curation of over 300 artists into a 7 environment gallery experience called #OFFNFTNYC showcases Choens commitment to digital equality and showcasing artists who are not yet capable of Metaverse travel themselves. Their previous collection was created as an incredible middle finger to the all-consuming social media culture we currently find ourselves in. It has turned many web3 Spatian on their head.

Looking for more of our edgy Choen? Follow them on Twitter and visit their Spatial Gallery; and snag your next NFT from one ot their collections. Peep their Linktree for more info. You're welcome.

Brian LiFe, 3D Artist on the rise