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Fractionalized Café Ownership with NFTs

One Nation Café NFT Project

We all know what NFTs are in the digital world. What if there was a way to connect a digital asset to real-life?

Imagine owning partial ownership to a café and being entitled to dividends through revenue generates. Picture entering the cafe, showing your NFT proving ownership and ordering as it is your shop.

What is One Nation?

One Nation cafés are hybrid cafés focused on sustainability, fusing healthy food and a like-minded community to be built in multiple locations. Each cafe is and will be located in blockchain concentrated hubs to educate the general public and offer a place for customers and our community to relax, work, eat healthy food or socialize. One Nation locations are to be a place of community building, networking and, of course, with acceptance of payment in cryptocurrency or fiat.

Flagship Store

The first location in Munich, Germany stands as our flagship store. It offers a great atmosphere in the heart of Munich with exceptional food and drinks. There exists a large space inside accompanied with an outdoor terrace for future One Immortl and blockchain community events to be held.

This café has current integrated partners with that of MINI Cooper, offered fitness courses, a barbershop and an electric bike shop. This hybrid concept stands as a great model and standard for One Immortl’s mission and values of quality, top service and community building with a high regard to sustainability. With acceptance of payment in crypto or fiat, users explore the vision and community of what One Immortl aims to establish.

NFT Business Case:

For every new store there will be exactly 100 NFTs minted for fractional ownership for a total of 90% of the store. 10% remains with the Immortl brand.

Each NFT will have a fixed nominal value in relation to location and general requirements. This will be unique and can only be sold by the holder at an offered price.

Profits generated monthly will be given in IMRTL and locked in a staking pool for 6 months.

Staking revenue will be paid out to NFT owners every 6 months.

Staked tokens will be paid out to NFT owners after 12 months and a new staking pool will be deployed.

Business Case Explanation:

Start-up costs: These costs are paid by One Immortl. 10% of revenue generated is entitled to One Immortl in the form of franchise fees.

One Immortl also caters for the day-to-day operations of the store.

Example: a café located in Germany generates $60,000 in revenue each month.

· Revenue generation: $2,000 average per day

Monthly expenses (tax included)

· Rent $2,500

· Employees: $9,500

· Product/Produce Costs (30% from revenue): $18,000

· Operational Costs (10% from revenue): $6,000

· Misc. (15% from revenue): $9,000

· One Immortl Fees (10%): $6,000

Profits: $9,000


  • Monthly revenue generated by each store

  • Appreciation of token value

  • Revenue through Staking

Next locations on the horizon… Dubai, UAE | Lisbon, Portugal | Kiev, Ukraine

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