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Killer Cat Bengal Club

In this early and evolving Web3 NFT scene, blockchains are still somewhat segregated. Until recently, it was the pervasive assumption that the bigger NFT projects would list on Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum being the mainstream blockchain for large projects, has most of the 10k generative collections with roadmaps offering huge prizes & utilities. Perhaps the idea of utilities stemmed from a necesity to incentivize collectors to overlook the hefty gas fees paid to mint an NFT on Ethereum. If a collector wasn’t so lucky as to be able to get the coveted “whitelist” spot in order to mint during the presale, the sole alternative was minting during the public sale. Public sales can often sell out at a moment’s notice, leaving the collector with empty wallets, having lost the gas fees paid (which could equal hundreds of dollars), if they weren’t luck enough to get their transaction minted during the public sale. This public sale inherently causing a “gas war” (When many people try to mint at the same time, this causes a spike in gas prices, which is based and determined by demand. This ultimately can result in the gas fee being lost and the transaction failing all together). It was not a surprise then, that the NFT projects offering large sums of money in giveaways and other exciting incentives as part of their roadmap, like a free car, have typically been on the Ethereum blockchain, while smaller projects have typically opted for a gas friendly blockchain option in order to offer their art to a more wide variety of investors and collectors, big or small, that did not want to pay high gas fees, but rather to invest their hard earned crypto into the art itself.

Enter Killer Cat Bengal Club. This 10k Polygon generative collection of unique, quirky & stylish bengal cats came on the NFT scene quietly supporting the Polygon community. Their Twitter grew quickly to over 10,000 followers by community outreach speaking in Twitter Spaces regarding the artist’s objective to grow an inclusive & diverse community of pet and animal lovers, but rarely speaking about their roadmap which includes the grand prize of a Tesla Model 3 performance series. Instead, the female, Miami-born latina artist places more of a focus on her her journey as an artist new in the NFT world and the struggles she has faced with her connective tissue disease and how she overcame her most difficult struggles while in bed teaching herself digital art and learning to code her own smart contract for her genesis collection. The artist explains that while her previous art was more dark in subject matter, she wanted to create a collection that was fully inspired by her bengal cat Honey, who loves to hunt items and play fetch, & encompassed the joy her bengal cat Honey brought her while she was struggling with pain. Acknowledging that our pets bring us so much comfort. Killer Cat Bengal Club will donate to Pet Partners, a non-profit that visits people in need with therapy animals. Many people whether disabled, end-of-life patients, trauma victims, Alzheimer’s patients for example, cannot keep a pet but would benefit from the well-being offered from a human-animal interaction. You can instantly feel the uplifting energy the Killer Cat Bengal Club collection brings with it’s bright colors, funny properties including the mischievous grin holding a wide variety of hunted items in it’s mouth from mice to panties, to the very already popular tiny kitten. The project is on IPFS, which means those popular and rare properties will be protected as their metadata will be hidden and the images will be revealed only once the collection is sold out, at which time every NFT holder will get to see which one they got, some cats being more rare than others. Hidden-reveal NFT projects are popular as they evoke the nostalgia of opening a fresh blind pack of trading cards to see if you got one of the more rare ones, that were more valuable.

It is the journey & soul of this artist, however, that is proving to be most valuable and has prompted so many to follow her on the mission to bridge so many gaps in the NFT world. The artist along with two other latina artists, host a weekly Twitter bilingual English-Spanish space to help artists, collectors & investors come together while helping to translate. Killer Cat Bengal Club’s founder & artist has also started the NFT Community “NFT Diversity ALL-IN” and emerging community meant to be a place where differently-abled artists, community members from all different parts of the world & cultures can come together in a shared experience of bringing diversity and change to the currently male-dominated world of NFTs. The artist has created her own custom virtual Metaverse gallery which is set in a gorgeous Miami Beach view to represent her roots. She has recently added to the roadmap, voting rights on selecting the Killer Cat Bengal Club metaverse community, a space that will be custom created as a social meeting place for their diverse & inclusive community gf NFT holders. Killer Cat Bengal Club is everywhere you look these days, from the Women in Tech NFT Showcase in March to the Polygon Showcase of NFT artists in the Spatial Metaverse to having her art included in The Sovereign Gallery. It is no surprise that she has amassed such a large following so quickly, however, what is surprising, is that she has managed to do that all on her own, from creating every single layer of the 250+ layers of art using Adobe Fresco, to the art engine she coded while watching Youtube videos used to generate the 10,000 collection from her own hand-drawn art layers. She then coded the entire smart contract & minting DApp herself, whereas large projects usually have teams including 1 or more artists, developer/s and entire marketing and web design teams. Of additional notoriety, Killer Cat Bengal Club has collected over 10k followers without having marketed their spectacular and flashy roadmap which by the way rivals some of the top projects on Ethereum and includes a free Tesla Model 3 Performance series. The roadmap itself which touts over $250,000 USD (estimate based on today’s Matic value) in giveaways. The total includes crypto giveaways from $100 USD - $10,000 USD each, a $25,000 USD Cartier Diamond ring, several Oculus Quest VR sets and of course the Tesla. When you arrive on their website, , you are given the opportunity to claim “Presale Mint Access” allowing you to mint during presale at a discounted mint price. In comparison to other projects that offer similar utility the mint price is well-priced, but without the impending looming possibility of gas wars and with virtually no gas fee as Polygon blockchain is well known for. It is no wonder that Killer Cat Bengal Club has gained the fast-paced popularity that it has, offering a real community experience to bring so many communities together while offering a project that is investment-worthy based alone on their funny and quirky art of brightly-colored bengal cats, but additionally with a roadmap that is exciting and adds an aspect of luxury to the Polygon blockchain that collectors have been waiting for.

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