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World Mental Health & Wellness Day 2022 in

World Mental Health Day is recognized on October 10 each year, but it is crucial to bring more attention to this matter daily. The Spatial community is committed to raising awareness for mental health and wellness.

The Spatial Mental Health and Wellness days' events highlight our diverse Spatian community and how they are committed to mental health initiatives in unique ways. CJ Meta Events will present various experiences throughout the day, including a sound bath by SUPERNINA, a cooking demonstration by Poison Peso and his Nana, a concert experience by Songs of Eden, and so much more!

The capstone of the day's events will be a mini-seminar on Burnout Prevention from a Clinical and Spiritual perspective in the Neosutras Wellness Center. NAW has kindly agreed to host the talk along with Mom Talks Crypto. Topics of discussion will highlight how mental health affects how we think, feel and act as we cope with life and the components of mental health that are key for managing everyday stressors without negatively impacting our lives.

Check out our schedule of events, and we hope to see you in Spatial soon!

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