Whether you are just starting out or simply looking for a boost, these resources will help!

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Polygon services

Polygon Dao is the community arm of Polygon. They can help communities, developers, professionals and projects to get a head start. You can apply for grants and vouchers from Polygon by applying through the gatekeepers at Polygon Dao.

• The holy grail of Polygon. Build on Polygon.

• Gas swap is a service on Polygon which lets users swap basically any ERC20 token (wETH e.g.) for Matic without paying gas. So newly onboarded users can get into Polygon without having to buy Matic elsewhere! Check it out Here.


• Rex is a Professional Discord creator who will make your server stand out. Simply purchase a pre-made server to meet your needs. He also does reviews & upgrades to already made servers. Contact him here

• Quite a handy document with advice on what a good Discord server should look like and some general tips on running it. Thanks to CryptoGoonz, SpookyFresh and Jay Stansfield. Read it Here.

• Easily create timestamps in Discord. Shows the date and time relevant to where you are. Great for organising meetings. 

Design and Marketing

Canva is AMAZING for creating social media content. Flyers, banners, videos, logos etc. Try out the free trial first and you will be hooked, I promise. 

• WiX has come a long way since basic drag and drop. THIS site is in fact a WiX site! It's been surprisingly easy to build and maintain. 

Printful is a print on demand service where you can sell merchandise without ever having any stock. Simply create your designs and connect it to your website. The orders are prepared and fulfilled without you ever having to do anything. They post worldwide and it's completely free. 

• Aussie based project? Check out the Aussie Crypto Roadshow and speak at one of their events.

Bridging, Airdropping and Sending

• Add a bridge to your own website just as we have here by using the Umbria Bridge Widget.

• Send NFTs to multiple addresses in a single transaction with Check out the 5 minute video made by Zac at Polygoonz.

• With Dropys you can airdrop to multiple addresses for as little as 10c each.

Developer Resources

OpenSea JSON-to-CSV converter Most relevant for anybody who has generated their project's art, but their metadata is only available in .json format. If using thirdweb, they require a .csv. Tested successfully with up to 10,000 .json files, all merged into one single .csv. 



• Koji is a link-in-bio service but with far more capability than LinkTree. You can add apps to your bio that offer a host of features. One of the most useful is 'Giveaways' which is a free service similar to Gleam. Find out more Here.

Useful NFT Websites*

NFT Trading & Analytics Tools - NFT collection sales & holder stats - Live trading dashboard. Very good premium tool - Stats dashboard - Free stats & trading dashboard - Analytics platform, good free tier, incoming lifetime pass - Analytics platform, good free tier, incoming lifetime pass - Another analytics platform, pass released 3/11 - Track critical metrics across 20,000 collections - NFT Stats & Trading - NFT Stats & Trading - More NFT stats - NFT wallet analytics - Trending projects in real time - NFT stats dashboard - Automated NFT alerts (Browser + Discord) - Free NFT charts & stats


MISC Links - Broad upcoming project info - Check live gas prices - See why ETH gas is so high - View your open sell orders

Google Drive - Bridging Resources - Links for bridging - See your open ETH token approvals - See your unclaimed airdrops and POAPs - Find your break-even price for a transaction - Twitter analysis tool - Twitter analysis tool - See what giveaways you've won

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